Aye, And Gomorrah and other short Stories

Title: Aye, And Gomorrah and other short Stories 

Author: Samuel R. Delaney

Publisher: Vintage; F First Vintage Books Edition

Publication Year: 2003 (Originally published 1967)

ISBN: 9780375706714

A father must come to terms with his son's death in the war. In Venice an architecture student commits a crime of passion. A white southern airport loader tries to do a favor for a black northern child. The ordinary stuff of ordinary fiction--but with a difference! These tales take place twenty-five, fifty, a hundred-fifty years from now, when men and women have been given gills to labor under the sea. Huge repair stations patrol the cables carrying power to the ends of the earth. Telepathic and precocious children so passionately yearn to visit distant galaxies that they'll kill to go. Brilliantly crafted, beautifully written, these are Samuel Delany's award-winning stories, like no others before or since.

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