CASSANDRA: Editions 1-15

Title: Editions 1-15

Editor: Kandis Williams

Publisher: Cassandra Press


Cassandra Press Zines 1-15

1 Taylor Doran, Who is Cassandra?.

2 Kandis Williams, The Wailing Rose: Visions of Migrating Trauma.

3 Allie Seekly, Art Interrogation 1.

4 Jonathan Gingrich, Godon’t.

5 @wokebaby420, Against Gender, Against Society.

6 Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta, Some Rough Thoughts on Violence and the Non_Visibility of Non- White Feminine Feeling.

7 Chiara No, MU/TH/UR 600.

8 Amir Guberstein, Lachrymose or Jewish Reconstruction.

9 Steve Vainberg, CBNBNC 2016-17.

10 Grace Rosario Perkins, Putting Myself In It. 

11 Tamara Santibanez, On the Dangerousness of Muse Worship.

12 Jeanna Thornhill, Christians Do It Breader.

13 Elizabeth Quezada-Lee, Deep in the Heart of Texas. 

14 Yasi Salek, Three.

15 Taylor Doran, Vignettes.

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